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Quarantine Home Workouts

Quarantine Home Workouts

I’ve never been a fan of home workouts but with everything going on at the moment, gyms closed and a lot of us stuck in lockdown, home workouts are more or less the only option. Especially for those who like me, are not so wild about long runs.

Soo, I thought it could be worth sharing some of the home workouts/trainers I’ve recently discovered and thoroughly enjoyed over the past few weeks.

1. Ciara London (Body By Ciara Squad)

Ciara is by far my current favourite! She does 6 workouts a week on her Instagram live @bodybyciarasquad for £15/month which works out to about 62p/session. How can you even say no?? What takes these workouts to another level are the playlists! Recently teaming up with Mercedes @mercedesfbenson the selection of quarantine mixes will have you wanting to move non stop!

2. Joie in Life (@joiechavis @joieinlife)

I landed up on Joie Chavis’ YouTube, you know, as you do and decided to try out both her HIIT and Booty workout videos. The videos are short but highly effective. Definitely one to integrate into your weekly workout routines as each session only takes about 15mins.

3. Barry’s UK (@barrys)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I loved a Barry’s class on a Saturday morning in London. Without a doubt one of the hardest HIIT workouts on this planet but boy do you feel great after!

To keep us all fit over lockdown, they’ve started a number of workouts a day #BarrysAtHome, which you can sign up to here.

4. Tana Yoga (

During times like this, it’s essential to be able to take a step back, breath and re-focus your energy and for me, Yoga always helps. Tana Yoga’s YouTube channel has weekly yoga classes for experienced yogis and beginners including quick morning flows that help reduce any anxiety through to night time yoga. Tana Yoga has more recently also began doing live Zoom sessions which I will be trying very soon!

Goodluck with the workouts! Love, LB x

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