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The MNKY HSE Experience

The MNKY HSE Experience

Sometime ago, way before this pandemic we are currently in, I went out for dinner with some friends to MNKY HSE. MNKY HSE is a Latin American Restaurant in Mayfair, London.

The food was lovely but a huge caveat is the price. You definitely need to be willing to part with some of your hard earned coins to discover and enjoy the uniquely flavoured small plates. With that being said, apps such as Night Key for those based in the UK, does come in handy and from time to time do offer significant discounts!

Anyways back to the night at MNKY HSE, we started the evening with some cocktails, MNKY Btch and San Abello Sauvignon Blanc as the small plates began to float in.

The combination of the Yellow Tail Aguachile with the fruity-like dressing was incredible and tasted somewhat refreshing. I would have never paired Tuna with Quinoa, however this was perfection! The Bluefin Tuna melted in your mouth whilst the Crispy quinoa gave it that little bit of crunch and texture! Rock Shrimp Tempura was equally delicious.

Although tasty, the tacos and tostada’s didn’t hit the spot for me compared to the other small plates. The MNKY Blk Cod was devine and one of my favourites. The Baby Glazed Chicken and Lamb Chops were both full of flavour and something I would order again.

To finish off, as if we needed even more to eat after the numerous plates already consumed, we decided to get a couple of desserts. The Smoked Chocolate Fondant and Pumpkin Brûlée – so glad we ordered these! They were beautifully light and unfortunately consumed within seconds!

Overall, I would definitely recommended MNKY HSE. Best to go on a Friday or Saturday night once this madness is over, enjoy the cocktails, the vibes with their live band and of course the amazing food!

Love, LB x

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